STAT: Hand-held DNA sequencer closes gaps in human genome, challenges industry leader

Updated: Feb 24, 2018


JANUARY 29, 2018

Jain, M., Koren, S., Miga, K. H., Quick, J., Rand, A. C., Sasani, T. A., ... & Malla, S. (2018). Nanopore sequencing and assembly of a human genome with ultra-long reads. Nature biotechnology.

"It’s about the size of a pack of vending-machine Oreos, costs $1,000, and, although it can’t leap tall buildings, it can do something genomics researchers value much more: The pocket-sized MinION has sequenced a human genome by reading longer strings of DNA than reported for any other device. In doing so, it has filled in 12 gaps in the supposedly completely sequenced (but not really) human genome, scientists said on Monday."

Genomics Institute 

University of California, Santa Cruz

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